Vintage Iron Garage is a full service vintage automotive shop that believes in keeping history alive through maintaining automobiles that define the era in which they were manufactured.  We are dedicated to the vintage values of high quality workmanship, top of the line components and world class customer service.  Every machine that rolls through Vintage Iron Garage must pass our stringent checklists to insure safety, operation and cleanliness.  As owners of vintage automobiles, we too understand that these machines are more than just, well….machines.  We believe that these machines are pieces of history, invaluable works of art and treasured members of families.

Regardless of the size of the job we pride ourselves in taking the time to understand how we can address each machine with the care and respect it deserves to achieve our customer’s objectives.  From simple original system diagnosis and repair to modern technology retrofitting of any classic platform, Vintage Iron Garage has the equipment, experience, and knowledge to transform what you imagine into what you drive.  As car enthusiasts, gear heads and nostalgists we want to create and be part of a growing vintage iron community, so come on in, take a look around and register to join our ever growing and treasured community.

***We are now hiring qualified technicians.  If interested please see the employment section of our website or be redirected by clicking below***


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